Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the curve of the teeth?

There are many reasons for this. The chin may be small and the teeth larger. Teeth may not come out properly. Perplexing may have occurred because the locations of the permanent teeth coming from below due to the early loss of milk teeth are not preserved.

Couldn't the teeth be straightened without wearing a wire?

Straightening teeth depends on moving the teeth. This is only provided with brackets and wires. For those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of the wires, the method called Lingual Technique (by placing the wires on the back of the teeth) can be treated with aesthetic wires.

How should the correct tooth brushing be?

It is necessary to take at least 2 minutes to brush the teeth correctly and effectively. In the studies conducted, it was observed that the patients who thought that they brushed for 2 minutes finished brushing in 30-40 seconds. Rechargeable ..

Is orthodontic treatment an expensive treatment?

In order to facilitate the payment of the treatment, installments are made; payment options are offered to the patient. If we consider that the physical and psychological benefits of orthodontic treatment last a lifetime, orthodontic treatment seems to be a good investment. Apart from this, the patient's teeth are protected as well as other prosthetic treatment options.

What should not be eaten during orthodontic treatment?

In general, we recommend that children stay away from hard and sticky food. Candies and candies can stick to your child's wires. Hard food such as carrots, apples, and crackers can cause the brackets to fall. We also do not recommend acid drinks (cola and similar drinks).

What should be oral and dental care in pregnant women?

It is a false belief that during pregnancy, the loss of calcium from the mother's teeth and the mother will lose one tooth in each pregnancy. However, it is a fact that there will be some changes in oral health during pregnancy. The most important change is the increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones, which is associated with increased plaque buildup on the teeth.

How can I tell if my child needs to wire?

It is orthodontic treatment that shows your child's perplexed, cramped teeth, being overlapped, or the upper or lower jaw standing more in front or behind than the other. In addition, difficulty in chewing, breathing through the mouth, pressing the tongue on the front teeth, the finger sucking habit, and the creaking and similar sounds coming from the jaw bone are also sufficient factors for orthodontic treatment. From time to time, the necessity of orthodontic treatment may not be understood. You should take your child to the dentist's examination and the procedure that should be done should be applied by getting exact information about the treatment.

What is Porcelain Laminate Coatings?

These restorations, especially for the front teeth, are the type of restoration that protects the natural tooth the most, since they are prepared by only 0.5 mm of abrasion to the front area of the teeth. Laminate porcelains are very fine ceramic leaflets.


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