Make Children Love Brushing TeethBrushing, which is the most important step of oral and dental health, is among the most important habits that should be acquired in childhood. Considering that the consumption of sugary food is more intense especially in childhood, it is necessary to lay the foundation of healthy teeth in these years.
  • Some children find brushing fun, while others seem reluctant. In this case, the task of making the child like to brush his teeth falls to his parents.
  • Children love to imitate their parents and look like them. You can brush your teeth regularly, be a good example, brush with it and have fun with various jokes.
  • While some children brush their teeth just because they like the taste of the toothpaste, others do not want to brush it because they do not like the taste. In either case, you can ask for experiments with a paste-free, wet brush.
  • You can help her enjoy brushing teeth with fun choices by buying a few colorful, comic-toothed toothbrushes.
  • Every now and then he can brush your teeth. This sharing will be an activity that your child will enjoy.
  • Tell him why he should brush his teeth. When describing this, give your child a chocolate or candy and have them see in the mirror how they stick to their teeth and leave residue after eating. You can make it easier for her to love her teeth and then toothbrushes.
  • You can give her a small hourglass or stopwatch to set the time to brush her teeth well.
  • And be absolutely patient. Understand him when he brushes the brush, is reluctant, and even says "I brushed it", and do everything you can until you get this habit.

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