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Augmentasyon (Bone Augmentation) Treatment
Depending on long-term toothlessness or structural bone deficiencies, it is the transfer of bone from the other parts of the jaw bone to the implanted area. With this treatment method, implants can be placed in the mouth in the same session. Another difference from routine implant applications is that the waiting time for the implants to boil into the bone is 4-6 months depending on the density of the bone volume, instead of 2-3 months. The main purpose of this treatment method is to be able to place implants by increasing the height and thickness of the bone.
The amount and location of bone loss is among the factors affecting the choice of augmentation technique. Failure to insert the implant in the correct position leads to undesired situations in the crown exit profile. The relationship between the jaws should be evaluated in the transverse, sagittal and frontal plane during the clinical evaluation stage


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