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Implant Treatment with All-On-4 Technique
All on 4 treatment method is the technique of applying 2 routine implants to the anterior region, and 2 implants in total at an angle of 30-35 degrees in 2, due to a decrease in the bones in the posterior regions of the jaw. In this way, you will have fixed temporary prostheses on the same day. Due to the fact that your fixed prostheses are made on the same day with the All on four method, it increases your life comfort by rapidly changing your taste sense and food taste. With your reaching your fixed prostheses in a short time, your aesthetic sense makes a difference in your appearance and speech and regain your self-confidence.
In cases where there is a high degree of bone loss due to structural or some reasons in the posterior parts of the chin, advanced surgical procedures are required. This situation will prolong the treatment process up to 6 months, and some people cannot apply advanced surgical techniques. With the all on four technique, which is an alternative to these treatment methods, your treatment is completed in a short time like 3 months. At the same time, you will continue your life comfortably and confidently with your fixed temporary prostheses on the day the implants are applied, and your fixed teeth that do not require removal. Finally, people who have complete toothlessness requiring advanced surgery have a lower cost than routine implant treatment methods.


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