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Flor Vernik-Flor JelAnother protective application is “fissure sealant” (protective filling) application. Fissures are indented areas on the chewing surface of our teeth. The deepest parts of the fissures are very thin and cannot be fully cleaned even by brushing. Structurally, milk and permanent teeth with excess indentations should be covered with fissure sealants before the caries start. There is no need for any scraping in the tooth tissue before the application of the fillers.
Milk and permanent teeth are completely independent from each other, and it is not possible for a treatment in milk teeth to affect the tooth that will come from below. All treatments in permanent teeth (filling treatment, extraction) can also be applied to milk teeth. However, the desired mouth is that there is no caries in the mouth, and if any, it is treated with procedures aimed at keeping it in the mouth until the age of change. Gravity is the last form of treatment that should be considered in milk teeth. Because the roots of these teeth are the guide for permanent teeth coming from the bottom and early attraction causes confusion in the future. If there is no alternative other than shooting, “placeholder accessories” should be prepared to protect the gap.


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