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Gum Disease After Treatment
After the treatment, the teeth are clean, the gums are light pink, firm and bleeding. If the disease has developed due to severe bone destruction, the length of the teeth may increase after the operation. However, the tissues that support the teeth are healthy. Today, the technical possibilities we have are at a level that can solve almost all periodontal problems. However, if the amount of bone remaining around the tooth is at the level of treatment, tooth extraction is also included in the treatment plan.
The success of periodontal surgery depends on many factors. There are some reasons for the patient that reduce the success of periodontal surgery. As an example to these; diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, some mental disorders, blood diseases, immune system disorders, cortisone use and radiation therapy can be given. The healing capacity of the gums and bones is different in each patient. In addition, careful and meticulous care, tooth brushing and interface cleaning will be applied to the wound area after the operation is critical for the success of the treatment.
It can vary from three patients to six months, depending on the severity of the disease. After the treatment, regular checkups should be made by the physician every 3-6 months.


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