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If you are not satisfied with your smile, modern and aesthetic dentistry comes up with many options. "Aesthetic" is derived from the word "aesthesia", which means emotion and emotionality in Greek. Aesthetic dentistry is used in the sense of reorganizing the health and natural beauty of the mouth and face area. In general, for “Aesthetic dentistry”, we can say that art and science are used together. It is to find and apply the smile that suits you according to the medical requirements.
One of the popular concepts for today are white, big teeth, which are referred to as the Hollywood smile. Aesthetic dentistry does not only mean sequential and white teeth. Everyone has their own unique style of smile. The dentist should design smiles not only on form and function, but also on the patient's personality traits, gender, profession and even lifestyle. For this reason, they benefit from treatment methods such as laminate veneer, tooth whitening, implant, porcelain filling, smile design, red tooth aesthetics, full ceramic crown, orthodontics and virtual smile design in aesthetic dentistry.
Having scientifically superior knowledge is not always sufficient, especially in aesthetic treatments, the dentist's experience and foresight is also very important. The dentist should have artistic talent, creativity and technical skills to perform even the most gentle procedures. In this sense, the technical skill of the dentist and his artistic ability are very important for the success in dental aesthetics. In addition, if we are going to get the desired result in dental aesthetics with porcelains, then a team work will emerge and the touches of a skilled ceramist gain great importance.


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