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Crown and Bridge Prosthesis
The crown prosthesis is made by covering the tooth, which is shrunk for any reason.
It is necessary to apply a crown prosthesis in the following cases:
  • In filling restorations with insufficient dental support;
  • To prevent weakened teeth breakage;
  • As a superstructure for dental implants;
  • In the treatment of broken, distorted, discolored teeth, crown prostheses are applied.
Bridge Prosthesis
When there is a loss of teeth for any reason, neighboring teeth begin to move into the formed cavity. As a result, gum problems, bone loss due to tipping into space, aesthetic problems, and imbalances in chewing forces. In short, if the cavities in the mouth are not restored with implants or bridges, there will also be problems with neighboring teeth.
In cases where one or more teeth are missing, the teeth next to the empty area are reduced to fill the cavity in the mouth, and a bridge-shaped prosthesis is made that supports the structures passing over them.


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