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Implant Treatment Process
What should be done after the operation?
Smoking, strenuous movements or driving are not recommended on the day of implants. You should use painkillers or antibiotics to be given by your dentist, within the specified time. In some cases, your dentist will recommend that you start using these medications before the procedure. Avoid hard foods on the day of the procedure. Do your oral care properly. However, what should be considered here; It is not to traumatize the area where the implants are in oral care. You will also need to use the mouthwash provided by your dentist for a week.
What happens after the implant is placed?
Prostheses are not placed immediately after implants are placed. Implants are expected to fuse with bone first. This period is normally 3 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw. If the place to be implanted is located in the aesthetically important anterior regions, temporary prostheses are used. If you do not have any teeth and use a prosthesis, you can continue to use your prosthesis temporarily with some arrangements to be made inside the prosthesis.
Are implants difficult to maintain and clean?
No. For the cleaning of the implants, you do not need to apply a different care to your normal teeth. However, in order for implants to be long-lasting and healthy, great attention should be paid to cleanliness. Your dentist will explain in detail what you need to do for careful care.
Can I remove the prosthesis made on the implants?
Prostheses made on implants can be attached and removed by your dentist. Your total prosthesis (palate prosthesis), which is made only on implant bar or ball attachment, can be attached and removed by you.
Do I need one implant for each missing tooth?
This applies only in case of a single tooth deficiency. We recommend implanting the edentulous areas as much as your jawbone allows. However, 5-6 implants may be sufficient for a single toothless jaw, while 2 implants and a bridge that can be built on them may be sufficient in a region with 3 teeth.
What happens if I have an accident?
In the event of an accident, not only your implants but also your own teeth can be damaged. In this case, instead of removing the implant, another implant can be placed in the nearest cavity and a prosthesis can be made again. If you think that moving objects may damage your face area due to the sport or work you do, you can ask your dentist to make a transparent plate to protect you from this.


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