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How is Dental Implant Applied?
Dental implants are completed by applying a crown treatment after combining with the small titanium screw and the abutment that is highly compatible with the human body. The titanium screw we are talking about is defined as artificial tooth roots, developed to perform the function of the natural tooth root, which is highly compatible with the jaw bone.
Implant treatment can be easily applied in one or more tooth deficiencies. The person with implant treatment can return to his daily life on the same day without any trouble. Implant treatment is started under local anesthesia under clinical conditions.
In what cases is implant application risky?
  • Diabetes and chronic cardiovascular diseases affecting recovery
  • Young patients who have not completed bone development
  • pregnant women
  • People who smoke a lot of cigarettes (smoking suppresses healing in the mouth and can lead to decreased implant success)
  • Alcohol or drug addicts
  • People who received high-dose radiotherapy in the head and neck region
  • People with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, connective tissue diseases, hemophilia and significant immune system deficiencies
  • Individuals who use corticosteroids or immunosuppressive drugs
  • Implant application is risky in these patient groups and may result in failure. However, implant placement may be possible depending on the degree and severity of their condition. The final decision on this matter belongs to the dentist, "provided that they have a systemic consultation".


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