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Teeth Whitening Methods
Power Bleaching performed within an hour in the office environment; It is the fastest, reliable and effective whitening system consisting of bleaching gel and light, which can lighten the tooth color in 3-4 hours in a short time.
Teeth whitening at home (Home Bleaching); It is a bleaching process made by putting gels in plastic mouthpieces prepared for the individual with a simple measurement taken by mouth. Desired whitening is provided in an average of 5-7 days. It needs to be worn for 4-8 hours a day (may vary depending on color and gel).
Can anyone have teeth whitening?
Anyone who does not have any dental or gum disease impeding the procedure can have a teeth whitening treatment, but a dentist examination should be done before whitening. Those who have advanced caries and gum disease in their mouths should apply the whitening process after having their treatments to be applied by their physicians. Apart from this, it is not recommended to apply teeth whitening to those who have not completed their growth and development, pregnant women and nursing mothers.


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