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Side Effects of Teeth Whitening
All whitening gels cause more or less sensitivity on the teeth. This sensitivity to cold-hot drinks and air can cause discomfort to people. This is a normal and expected side effect of the application. If the sensitivity does not exceed within 24-48 hours, the use of bleach may need to be stopped. In case of sensitivity, fluoride to be applied by your dentist and toothpaste or creams that will be recommended to you will decrease this tooth sensitivity. Toothpaste containing potassium nitrate can be used as another option to reduce sensitivity.
How long does the effect of whitening last?
The result from the bleaching process varies depending on the tooth structure of the person and remains stable for about 6 months to 2 years. Of course, this period also depends on the person himself. Avoid substances that stain the teeth for at least two weeks during and after bleaching.
If you are having problems with the color of your teeth, you can apply to your dentist to have a teeth whitening treatment, and if your teeth are considered suitable for whitening as a result of the examination, you can have your procedure done as soon as possible.


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