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Canal Treatment Processes
In some cases, a female who is about to lose can save canal treatment. It is more convenient for an endodontist to perform complicated canal treatments. Under the dental tissues called "enamel" and "dentin", there is pulp tissue that forms the living part of the tooth. Pulp, which has a soft connective tissue, is popularly known as the "nerve of the tooth". The tooth canals are very small and fine tunnels that start from the pulp chamber and continue to the root tip.
Why Is Canal Treatment Needed?
Tooth fractures caused by a major bruise or trauma can cause bacteria to reach the tooth pulp. In such a situation, the tooth may die or become inflamed. During chewing, pressure, extreme heat - cold sensitivity and pain can be heard.

The body does not respond to painkillers, as pain can be heard regardless of any factors. In cases where the tooth cannot heal itself, medications you can take without your doctor's knowledge can only postpone your pain for a temporary period of time.
When the problem grows, the infection can pass to the lower tissues, causing swelling on your face, making treatment more difficult. In some cases, even teeth may have to be removed. In such cases, the pulp of the tooth should be cleaned and the nerves that cause pain should be eliminated.
Although shooting is a cheaper method, the loss of a solid tooth creates a difficult space to fill. This gap may require more costly and difficult treatment, such as a bridge prosthesis or implant. Therefore, it will always be to your advantage not to lose your teeth.


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