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Why Orthodontics
Straightening crooked teeth; correcting closing disorders; sealing the gaps between the teeth; Orthodontic treatment can be used to properly align the teeth and lips.
Most people have teeth, such as jamming or irregular gaps. Some disorders can cause problems in terms of aesthetics, while others cause problems in speaking or chewing. Not all of these disorders are genetic. Other causes of orthodontic problems include:
  • Trauma: If the tooth is damaged, falls, and then reinserted, it may boil into the surrounding bone. This condition is called "ankylosis" or abnormal boiling of the root to the bone. If this happens to a growing child, it can create a bite disorder later on as the teeth cannot align properly.
  • Finger sucking and breast use: This behavior can create closing disorders such as upper teeth getting in front of lower teeth.
  • Baby teeth fall prematurely: If milk teeth fall prematurely, they may slide into the mouth as there is nothing to locate permanent teeth. In some cases, permanent teeth can get stuck and only one part will be removed. Sometimes the permanent tooth can move to the place of the falling milk tooth next to it and prevent other teeth to come out.


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