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Causes of Dental Distortions
No matter how old the person is, untreated orthodontic problems become more and more serious. It is more difficult to clean distorted and poorly positioned teeth, so the risk of early loss of teeth due to periodontal (gingival) diseases and dental caries is further increased. Apart from this, they cause more pressure on the chin muscles;
They cause jaw joint disorders. This can cause pain in the back, head and shoulder. Apart from these, bad closures and early dental contacts cause abnormal wear of the tooth surfaces, chewing and speech difficulties, excessive pressure on the teeth, resulting in root tip lesions and damage to the supporting bone and gum tissues.
Perplexed teeth, besides all these health problems, also affect the appearance negatively. This causes the person not to laugh comfortably and to lose their trust. With orthodontic treatment, it is possible to have a healthier mouth structure, a more aesthetic appearance and teeth that will remain in your mouth for a longer time.
Only a dentist or orthodontist can decide that you need orthodontic treatment. After an examination involving many diagnostic techniques such as extensive medical and dental resumes, oral and dental examinations, the creation of your jaw models, and various special x-ray films and photographs, and if so, the type of treatment to be applied can be determined.
Especially the situations that should not be late to apply to a physician are as follows;
  • Unbalanced face and jaw structure
  • Mouth breathing
  • Bad habits such as finger sucking, nail biting, cheek - lip biting
  • Using pacifiers and bottles for a long time
  • Difficulty in chewing and speaking
  • Jaw structures located far ahead or behind
  • Teeth positioned in the front (bulge)
  • Perplexed, wrongly positioned teeth or teeth that are not located in the mouth (embedded)
  • Early or late loss of milk teeth
  • Upper and lower teeth do not touch at all or are excessively covered.


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