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You can get healthy teeth without disrupting your smile aesthetics with porcelain fillings that replace old amalgam fillers and are longer lasting, healthier and more aesthetic than them.
Why Fillers Break?
There are multiple reasons why fillings break. Some of these reasons are the use of incorrect materials, the wrong indication of the doctor, the wrong use of the patient, the aging of the filling and the strength of the material.
How many types of fillers are there?
In general, there are three types of fillings: amalgam, composite and porcelain.
Although amalgam fillings have been used in the posterior teeth for many years, they are not preferred today because they do not meet the expectations in terms of aesthetics and contain mercury.
Composite fillers, on the other hand, do not always satisfy the expectations in terms of aesthetics, but are not always sufficient for the chewing resistance of the posterior teeth.

Porcelain fillings, which are preferred frequently in recent years, are highly developed fillings in terms of health, aesthetics and durability.


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