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Removable Dentures
In order to be able to chew and laugh in a healthy way, the gaps created by missing teeth in the mouth must be filled.
If the teeth are missing due to traction, trauma, existing teeth can be replaced and tip over each other or extend up / down.
Displaced teeth can damage tissues where they are located and negatively affect oral hygiene, leading to impairment of all oral health; they can also lead to loss of existing teeth.
Replacing missing teeth, the prosthesis can attach to existing teeth with crochets; however, this results in an unpleasant image. For this reason, it is preferable to attach the prostheses to sensitive holders hidden inside the crown coatings on the teeth. Thus, it is possible to have a more aesthetic appearance.
There are many methods in dentistry today to fill the dental deficiencies in the mouth. The most correct and healthy of these, the number of missing teeth, the location of the teeth, the condition of other tissues in the mouth are selected by your dentist. In cases where all teeth are lost, implants or fixed bridges cannot be made, total prostheses (palate) that can be attached and removed are used.
Total prosthesis, called "palate", is supported by the bone tissue remaining in the upper and lower jaw, and it remains in the mouth with vacuum force. Total prostheses are made of acrylic. They are not preferred much at the point where modern dentistry comes. In terms of the patient's health and comfort, implants are recommended; however, in cases where implants cannot be applied, total prosthesis is applied.
Total prostheses should be renewed every 5 years under normal conditions. In terms of health, it is not generally preferred to use porcelain teeth in total dentures, therefore plastic teeth are preferred, but they may also change color. It is recommended to clean your prosthesis with special preparations so that the teeth do not change color.


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